High-tech & ICT

The high-tech and ICT sector is always dynamic: new innovations on one hand and old business models under pressure on the other. The sector continually reinvents itself with new, smart, advanced solutions and strategies. The newest developments in robotics, the far-reaching integration between devices, artificial intelligence, questions about rights and security and the convergence of various developments, like cloud, mobile, social and big data, will play an important role in the next few years.

However large or small your company is, managers who can draw up the right strategy, make difficult decisions and execute successfully will make the difference in this complex world. The Avon Arrow High Tech & ICT team is always searching for the one experienced, talented and committed person in the market, who will contribute significantly to the success of your company in the following industries:

  • ICT services
  • Software (ERP, BI, CRM, ECM, EAI, Security, HR, Supply Chain, Purchasing, etc.)
  • Security
  • Hardware suppliers (PCs, laptops, tablets, printers, chip sets, smart phones, etc.)
  • Telecom (mobile, fixed, voice, data, satellite)
  • Data centres
  • High Tech R&D
  • Suppliers to the High Tech & ICT industry (OEMs, micro- and nano-technologies, etc.)

Would you like more information, a specific reference list or an action plan for search and selection? Please call Avon Arrow in the Netherlands +31 (0)20 65 99 666, in Belgium and Luxembourg +32 (0)2 80 81 527 or send a message to [email protected].

Industry Expertise