Why Avon Arrow

Quality First

We work hard, are objective and sharp as a razor. We will never select just 'somebody' who we happen to know. You wouldn't settle for a six out of ten, you want ten out of ten. We approach people structurally, screen and test them for the right knowledge, experience and behaviour. That way leads to a guaranteed result.

Industry Expertise

Avon Arrow is a specialist headhunter in specific markets and business sectors. Each consultant in our team offers their own unique experience in a specific industry. This way, we can offer the added value of market knowledge, a broad, first-class network of potential candidates and demonstrably, successfully completed projects.


No black-box approach from us, but a transparent process from start to finish. Throughout the search project, we report to the client's key stakeholders regularly to keep them informed. This way, you know exactly where we are in the process and what still needs to be done before the deadlines.

Short-term action, Long-term Result

It's not about filling a vacancy, it's about achieving the goals and ambitions of our clients. It's all about making a team (even) stronger and letting our candidates excel in their new positions.

Professional Knowledge 

From the first definition of the position, through direct and competition search, competence-based interviews, full assessments, specific, structured reference checks, until completion and on-boarding, we support in word and deed all aspects of the search and selection process with a complete orchestra of well-tuned instruments. 


Avon Arrow works only on an exclusive basis. This way, we can really go in-depth and give our undivided attention to each individual project — from the first vacancy definition through search and selection, until the final decision and the on-boarding.