Agriculture and Food Industries

The whole agriculture, livestock, fisheries and greenhouse construction sectors and all food processing companies and subcontractors are faced with complex changes in both national and international markets. Some examples include: the need for sustainable solutions for food production; cradle-to-cradle strategies; local-to-local or a push towards international export and expansion; regulatory and legislative constraints on environmental and production capacity; etc. 

As a business, you need managers who can make a difference, draw up an appropriate strategy, make difficult decisions and execute successfully. The Avon Arrow team is always searching for the one experienced, talented and committed person in the market, who will contribute significantly to the success of your company in the following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Live stock
  • Fishing
  • Greenhouse construction
  • Basic materials (seedlings, seeds and raw materials)
  • Production / food processing
  • Tobacco
  • Forestry, wood processing and paper
  • Suppliers to agriculture and food industries

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Industry Expertise