Avon Arrow: Executive Search Consultants with Extensive Experience in Industry

The best candidate for a senior management or director function is rarely actively looking for a new challenge. Only a structured, direct, personal approach, combined with relevant knowledge and an open attitude will yield the best results in a search and selection procedure. Obviously, this requires a senior executive search consultant who is familiar with your market and knows exactly where to find the best candidates in your industry. This is how Avon Arrow works.

Each Avon Arrow Consultant has the right focus, the experience and the instinct to find and select the strongest candidates in your market and bring them to the table. We walk the walk, not talk the talk.

Our references are available on request, classified by function and industry. Please call Avon Arrow in the Netherlands +31 (0)20 65 99 666, in Belgium and Luxembourg +32 (0)2 80 81 527 or send a message to [email protected]. All requests will be treated as strictly confidential.

Industry Expertise