Health Care

In the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and across Europe, the demand for health care is increasing. On top of that, everybody wants to stay healthy as they get older. This is not just a social challenge, but also a business challenge for health care providers and suppliers of health care products. Other trends initiated by the medical industry include self-diagnosis, therapy in a out-of-hospital environment, and the integration of information technology in medical equipment. Furthermore, partly because of the move towards preference policies, the health care providers now have to deal with more differentiation and task-shifting.

The Avon Arrow Executive Search team for Healthcare seeks managers and directors who have the experience and leadership qualities that are essential to achieve a positive effect for:

  • Academic medical centres
  • Hospitals and care centres
  • Medical technology companies
  • (Bio)pharmaceuticals
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Animal health care
  • Health care providers
  • Private clinics and health care providers
  • Suppliers to the health care industry

Our business is not about filling vacancies quickly, but about finding and selecting the one experienced, talented and committed person who will contribute significantly to the success of your company.

Would you like more information, a specific reference list or an action plan for search and selection? Please call Avon Arrow in the Netherlands +31 (0)20 65 99 666, in Belgium and Luxembourg +32 (0)2 80 81 527 or send a message to [email protected].

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